How To Prepare For Emergencies – Survival Kit For Dogs

As the news always seems to be jam-pack full of various catastrophes across the world, the general public has been increasingly encouraged to become better prepared for all manner of emergences.

More and more people have already prepared go bags. Perhaps you have too. However, did you organize a special go bag or survival kit for your canine pal? If not, it may be time to start thinking about preparing one and keeping it with your own go bags. The comprehensive and practical resource site for dog owners, Pooching Around, earlier in the year released an infographic that discussed this topic.

Food And Water

Your go bag, if you have one, will undoubtedly have some form of food or you will have a separate container with food for you and your household. The bottom line is, we need food to survive and that is no different with animals. When you are in an emergency situation and have been evacuated, it is not going to be so easy to come across food. Storing up some dog food, tinned food is best because it is a lot more compact and lasts longer, is the way to go to ensure you can give your dog enough nutrition even when you are away from home and surrounded by a lot of uncertainties.

Water is equally important and just as you are likely to have a supply of water for you and the other members of your household if you have to leave in a hurry; you should make sure you have the same for your dog. Approximately one bottle should be enough per dog and at least three day’s worth of food.

Collapsible Food and Water Bowls

Now unless you want to hold the water bottle to your dog’s mouth and want them to eat straight from the tin, it makes sense to invest in some kind of food and water bowl. We recommend you spend a little bit of money on a good quality collapsible bowl. Practical, lightweight and generally easy to clean – these are perfect for helping to make sure your dog is sufficiently fed and watered.


Favorite Toy and Blanket

Dogs suffer from stress similarly to humans. So if you are miles away from your home, in a field or in a shelter of some kind – your dog may not find it particularly easy to settle down and stay calm. One way you can combat the stress and nerves is by making sure you pack at least one of their favorite toys and a favorite blanket into the survival kit. The blanket can be used to comfort them, keep them warm and remind them of home; while the toy will keep them busy.

Documents And Paperwork

You may be many miles or even tens and hundreds of miles away from home. If your dog has a medical emergency, it might not be so easy to get help. That is why it is wise to take the details of your local vet, as well those in a wider area.


Having their documentation and paperwork along with any prescriptions and medications they take, could make all the difference between them getting the help they need and not.


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Mike Payton, Pooching Around

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