Protect your pets from ticks

With the warm weather fast approaching, it is essential to protect your beloved pets from ticks. Commonly found in grassy areas, these parasites are responsable for spreading various infectious diseases to both humans and pets.

What are ticks?

Ticks are parasites which latch onto mammals and feed on their blood. They also use their hosts to find a mate and reproduce. Ticks can vary is shape and colour, but are generally small and oval, and can increase quite dramatically in size when engorged with blood. They can spread diseases from one host to another, which is why it is very important to protect both you and your pets.


How can I protect my pet?


There are various products on the market that can be used to deter and kill ticks, such as collars and spot-on treatments. These products are absorbed in your pet’s blood, killing them as they latch on.


You can also comb your pet thoroughly to find and extract any unwelcome visitors. You can remove them with a good tick removal tool.

It may also be worth avoiding grassy areas in hot weather when they are most likely to be rife.

Keep the garden tidy

To discourage their arrival, make sure the lawn is kept short and hedges cut back. Make sure your dog’s ‘play area’ is as far as possible from long grass and shrubbery.

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