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Funny animal mating rituals

Anyone who has witnessed two humans trying to get together may think that we have a monopoly on comical mating rituals. These top 5 funny animal mating rituals may make you change your mind!


Bonobos are one of the few species that enjoy intercourse for reasons other than reproduction. These energetic monkeys engage in sexual intercourse every which way throughout the day. They are the only species apart from humans to enjoy face to face intercourse, snogging, and foreplay.



Not the most romantic species, male porcupines show appreciation and introduce themselves as sexual candidates by spraying the poor female with urine. This spray can travel as far as 6 feet, drenching the chosen suitor and rendering them irresistible. Who needs Dior?


Hippos make porcupines look good with their mating rituals. Aggressive and dominant, male hippos prove their worth by having a large wet poo and spinning their tails around like a propeller, spraying feces all over their male rivals. What woman could resist?



If you thought being a hermaphrodite was a sexual advantage, think again! Flatworms take the war of the sexes to the extreme. Who gets to be daddy?

Flatworms sword-fight vigorously with their penises until one manages to penetrate the other. The winner becomes the ‘male’ for this particular battle, and impregnates the stab victim, who is doomed to be the female.



Bees take jealousy to the extreme. The male’s endophallus is ripped from his body after ejaculation, when he pulls away from the queen. It remains attached to the newly fertilized queen, to seal off the entrance from any competition. Ouch!



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