laying hens

Buying laying hens

Buying laying hens is a great idea if you are looking for a friendly, entertaining pet. Laying hens have the advantage of providing you with wholesome, freshly laid eggs! If your property is free of restrictions, you should be able to keep less than 50 chickens without a problem, however do keep in mind that local residents may complain to the council about noise levels if you decide keep a cockerel.

The advantages of keeping laying hens

Depending on the breed you choose, hens can lay up to 200 eggs a year. Bantam hens tend to lay less often and smaller eggs than larger, hybrid hens.

Aside from the obvious advantages, such as egg produce, chickens are also excellent composters. Chickens are notoriously greedy and omnivorous. You can feed them most scraps and vegetable matter from your kitchen and their manure contributes to your garden’s ecosystem. They also eat garden pests such as bugs and even mice.


How to choose your chicken coop


The first step before purchasing chickens is acquiring the necessary equipment and coop. ideally, you need something insulated with suitable ventilation and easy to clean out when the bedding gets soiled. Size-wise, you need to work out how many chickens you are planning on acquiring. Be aware that once you start keeping chickens, it’s very addictive! Quite often your small flock can expand as you get more experience and want to try out new breeds!

You will also need feeding and watering equipment. These should keep the food dry and clean and be easily accessible to your flock. You can purchase these on line! 

Cosy enclosures are a must for your laying hens. If they don’t have a quiet, enclosed space to lay in, you will have to search far and wide to find their eggs! Under bushes, behind sheds, in brambles…

You can line these with straw or wood shavings.



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